Looking after where we live

A friendly, positive group for residents of the Hyde Park Estate in London W2

Supporting local businesses to thrive

Encouraging the creation of safe and beautiful spaces for visitors and our residents to enjoy



HyPER is the Hyde Park Estate Residents  group set up by the local community to give a positive voice to those who live in and love the Hyde Park Estate area. Our objectives are: 

  • To strengthen Connaught Village, where our retail heart is

  • Create pedestrianised spaces where our cafes, restaurants and pubs are - Connaught Street, Sussex Place and Bathurst Street

  • Work with our neighbours inside and immediately around the area to reduce traffic and pollution.




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Making our neighbourhood a greener place to live

We are fully supportive of Westminster City Council's Low Traffic Neighbourhood for the Hyde Park Estate. We believe that their plans include turning our neighbourhood into a greener place to live and work.

  • Create a truly green Connaught Village with biodiverse planting and Sustainable Drainage systems

  • Provide a place for residents to meet, sit and have access to free drinking water

  • Encourage pedestrian/cycle travel to reduce emissions and improve air quality

  • Help reinforce an identity for Connaught Village Green

  • Allow the village green to extend to accommodate programmed activities

  • Improve visibility and accessibility from Hyde Park

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Creating vibrant, pedestrian spaces for all to enjoy

Westminster Council's Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme plans to help Connaught Village evolve into a vibrant new public space. 

The scheme unlocks a series of opportunities across the area. This includes a new public space at the centre of Connaught Village.

During the lifetime of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood trial a series of pop-up activities will take place to test how the local community would like to use the space.

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To reduce pollution in our neighbourhood

One of our objectives is to help support local initiatives which will ultimately help to reduce pollution in our local neighbourhood. 

We are open to ideas which will help keep our streets greener and cleaner. This includes supporting Westminster Council's Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme for W2. 


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